• District Office Summer Hours!  Starting July 7th - August 14th the district office will be open Monday - Thursday 7 am - 4:30 pm.  Closed on Fridays.
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  • Eatonville School District is offering FREE Meals to kids & teens 18 years and under!  Starting July 28th - August 8th, Monday thru Friday at Eatonville Middle School
    Breakfast: 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. / Lunch: 11:00 - 12:00 p.m.

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  • FREE Summer Meals & Snacks for Kids!
    Free Summer Meals  
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  • An Emergency School Alert System has been implemented at Eatonville School District. This system will enable all staff members to react within seconds of a threat to our schools.  The schools will go into lock down with law enforcement being notified immediately.  This system also communicates the exact location of the threat to assist law enforcement with the containment of the problem.
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Common Core State Standards Washington

College Bound Scholarship


Summer Reading

Summer shouldn't mean taking a break from learning, especially reading. Studies show that most students experience a loss of reading skills over the summer months, but children who continue to read will gain skills.

Efforts should be made during the summer to help children sustain reading skills, practice reading and read for enjoyment.

Reading builds visualization, thinking and language abilities. Taking the time to read with your child can help you evaluate your child's reading skills. If you discover that your child

is having trouble with reading, he or she may have a learning disability. 80% of children with a learning disability have difficulty with basic reading and language. But early identification of such a disability gives a child the chance to develop ways to learn how to read effectively, and skills to lead a successful and productive life. A recent National Institutes of Health study showed that 67% of young students at risk for reading difficulties became average or above average readers after receiving help in the early grades.

Parents should remember that children need free time in the summer to relax and enjoy the pleasures of childhood. So summer reading should be fun. Following are a few tips to make reading enjoyable for your children this summer:

1. Read aloud together with your child every day.

Make it fun by reading outdoors on the front steps, patio, at the beach or park. Also, let your children read to you. For younger children, point out the relationship between words and sounds.

2. Set a good example!

Parents must be willing to model behavior for their children. Keep lots of reading material around the house. Turn off the TV and have each person read his or her book, including mom and dad.

3. Read the same book your child is reading and discuss it.

This is the way to develop habits of the mind and build capacity for thought and insight.

4. Let kids choose what they want to read, and don't turn your nose up at popular fiction.

It will only discourage the reading habit.

5. Buy books on tape, especially for a child with a learning disability.

Listen to them in the car, or turn off the TV and have the family listen to them together.

6. Take your children to the library regularly.

Most libraries sponsor summer reading clubs with easy-to-reach goals for preschool and school-age children. Check the library calendar for special summer reading activities and events. Libraries also provide age appropriate lists for summer reading.

7. Subscribe, in your child's name, to magazines like Sports Illustrated for KidsHighlights for Children, or National Geographic World.

Encourage older children to read the newspaper and current events magazines, to keep up the reading habit over the summer and develop vocabulary. Ask them what they think about what they've read, and listen to what they say.

8. Ease disappointment over summer separation from a favorite school friend by encouraging them to become pen pals.

Present both children with postcards or envelopes that are already addressed and stamped. If both children have access to the Internet, email is another option.

9. Make trips a way to encourage reading by reading aloud traffic signs, billboards, notices.

Show your children how to read a map, and once you are on the road, let them take turns being the navigator.

10. Encourage children to keep a summer scrapbook.

Tape in souvenirs of your family's summer activities picture postcards, ticket stubs, photos. Have your children write the captions and read them and read them aloud as you look at the book together.

 Eatonville High School Band Takes First And Gets A Superior Rating!!


On Saturday, June 7th the high school symphonic band attended and competed in Orlando Fest held in Orlando, Florida which is a huge festival that runs almost every weekend from March to June.  Bands/Choirs/Orchestra travel from all over the country to compete.  Eatonville scored a "Superior" Rating which is the highest rating based on the cumulative score by three judges.  They were the only band to compete which is why they scored first but will soon know how they stacked up to the other bands once the scores from all the festivals are collected. When they weren't rehearsing and performing, the band enjoyed visiting the Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure as well as the Wet and Wild Water Park.  It was truly an incredible trip!  


The Eatonville School District #404 complies with all state and federal rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disability, familial status, marital status, or age.  This hold true for all district employment and opportunities.  Inquires regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the school district's Title IX/Chapter 28A.640 RCW Officer and/or Section 504/ADA Coordinator.
 Title IX/Chapter 28A.640 RCW Officer:
 Section 504/ADA Coordinator:
       Daniel Lunghofer        
 Cristin Blaskowitz
  Eatonville School District Special Services
   P.O. Box 698   211 Rainier Ave. N.E.
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  Eatonville, WA 98328 
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